Wells Fargo Activate Card – Credit Card Activation

Wells Fargo Credit Card Activation guide is here. You can visit WellsFargo.com/ActivateCard or call on 1-877-294-6933 to activate your debit card.

If you are a Wells Fargo credit card holder and you want to know the activation process then follow the step by step guide below.

Wells Fargo Activate Card

Purpose of WebsiteWells Fargo Credit & Debit Card Activation
Company NameWells Fargo & Company
FoundersHenry Wells, William Fargo
ServicesCredit Cards, Debit Cards, Gift Cards
Activation Number1-877-294-6933
HeadquartersSan Francisco, California

What Do you Need for Wells Fargo Card Activation?

You need the following stuff ready if you want to activate your card online. If you’re going to activate your card on the phone line, you also need to prepare some stuff before you do so.

Here are the required things for the card activation process.

  • Use a Secure Internet Connection & Avoid Public Wi-Fi

The first thing you need to pay attention to when activate a card is never using a public Wi-Fi connection when using your bank accounts or activating a credit card. Public Wi-Fi is not secure, and you may lose your money due to a hacking attack. So always use a secure internet connection when you log in to your bank account.

  • Use your Own Laptop or Mobile Phone

Never use someone’s laptop or a mobile phone when you are going to activate a debit card. Always use your own device. Also, when you are done then log out from your bank account securely.

  • Your Card Information

So you definitely will need your card information like credit card number, expiry date, and CVS code. (However, never share this information on our website. We are not asking you for any kind of credit card information.)

  • Zip Code

You will need the zip code of your state for credit card activation

  • Email Address

Also, provide a personal email address to activate your credit card, and log in online into your bank account.

  • Social Security Number (SSN)

Keep your SSN or social security number in your hand so you can provide it during the activation process.

  • Card Activation Phone Number

You may need your phone number as well when you are activating your new card.

So keep these credentials ready before you become a wellsfargo.com/cardholders and follow the activation method now.

How to Activate Wells Fargo Card Online?

Visit WellsFargocomActivateCard

The very first step for the activation of your card is to visit the official website of Wells Fargo and log in. We are not associated with Wells Fargo, and this website is only for educational purposes. So do not share your credit card information here.

So now you can follow the simple steps below.

activation steps
  1. Visit wellsfargo.com/activatecard
  2. Now login online to your Wells Fargo account
  3. Go to the card activation section
  4. Enter your 16 digits Wells Fargo debit card number
  5. Also, enter your card expiry date
  6. Enter your CVS code
  7. Now click on activate card button
  8. That’s it, and now your credit card is activated and ready to use

How to Activate your Wells Fargo Card on the Phone?

Activate your Wells Fargo Card on the Phone

If you do not want to activate your card online, you can do it with a phone call. However, there is another way to do card activation. You can also use ATM to activate your new card. But if you want to use a phone, then follow the guide below.

  1. Make a call on the customer service number at 1-877-294-6933
  2. One of the customer support representatives will assist you about card activation process
  3. Now ask them that you want to activate your credit card
  4. They will ask your personal identification number (PIN) to confirm your identity
  5. Provide the PIN code and proceed to the debit card activation process
  6. Now you will prompt to the credit card activation process, where you need to enter your card number, expiry date, and CVS code
  7. Once done, your credit card will be activated, and you can use it

How to Activate Wells Fargo Credit Card on ATM?

Use ATM Machine

The third way to activate your card is to use the ATM. Yes, this method is very simple, and you don’t require any internet or mobile phone for this card activation process.

  1. Go to any nearby ATM
  2. Insert your credit card into the machine
  3. Now select the card activation option on the ATM and proceed
  4. Enter your PIN, and you are all set to go and use your card anywhere

Download Wells Fargo Mobile App and Activate Debit Card

Download Wells Fargo Mobile App

The fourth and final way to confirm your debit card is to use the android or iOS app. This method is also very easy. The app is the best solution for Wells Fargo online banking.

  1. First of all, you need to download the Wells Fargo App from Playstore and Apple Store
  2. For Android users, Download App Here and for iPhone users, Download App Here
  3. Once download, then install the app and login online into your account
  4. Now go to the activation center and activate your credit card easily

Mobile App Services & Benefits

If you are using a Wells Fargo mobile app then you will get amazing mobile services as well.

  • You can transfer funds from one account to another account in no time
  • Pay bills, mortages and other payments on the time
  • Check your remaiing balance, transaction hisotory and much more
  • Activate your card or order a new card any time
  • Also, in case of card stolen, you can deactivate your card as well
  • Check your account summary as well
  • Deposit checks

What is Wells Fargo Credit Card?


Wells Fargo is a banking and financial services company that has been serving the nation since 1852. Henry Wells and William G. Fargo are the founders of this company, and they both started their careers in finance and banking. At that time, traveling was growing, and people more often began to use trains and other means of travel.

So there was one problem: sending money and traveling with money was not so safe. People want to travel with their money in their pockets, but it was not a safe way at that time. Also, there was no way to send large amounts to other places.

Now they started to introduce the money order services and delivery of valuables through steamboat and stagecoach. So with the introduction of this service, people began to believe in Wells Fargo, and their businesses were becoming more successful.

According to Fortuner.com, Wells Fargo gets the position 30 in the top 500 Fortune banks and financials companies globally.

Now they are issuing different kinds of cards like the Platinum card, Active Cash Card, and much more. Also, they are offering the best online banking services.

Benefits of Wells Fargo Visa Credit Cards

If you are a Wells Fargo cardholder, you should know what kinds of benefits you can get when you have Visa cards.
You can use services like,

Credit cards, charge cards, gift cards, platinum cards, banking services, commodities, exchanging your currency, equities trading, foreign exchange trading, brokerage services, and all kinds of insurance services.

Also, there are some cashback rewards when you use their cards for shopping, buy tickets online, fill gas at gas stations, and use Wells Fargo debit cards in shopping malls.

How to Login into our Wells Fargo Online Account?

Login to your Wells Fargo account is very simple. Just follow the step by step guide below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to activate a Wells Fargo credit card?

There are a total of four methods for the activation of a credit card. You can use any method that you like to activate a cash card.
Activate Online with Official website
You can use your phone to activate on call through the customer support number
Activate through ATM
Use Wells Fargo mobile App

How to activate a Wells Fargo debit card?

The confirmation process of the debit card is the same as the credit card. So please follow the above-mentioned guide.

What is the 800 number to call and activate a new Wells Fargo debit card?

The 800 number to call and activate a new debit card is 1-877-294-6933.

How do I change my Wells Fargo card PIN?

If you want to change your credit card PIN, you can do it by the following methods.
Use ATM of Wells Fargo
Visit the nearby branch of Wells Fargo
Make a call on the number printed on the backside of your credit card

How do I activate my replacement debit card?

The process of activating a replacement debit card is the same as the new one. So visit the official site and activate your replacement card there. If you are facing issues then feel free to contact customer support and visit TD stores during lobby hours.

Why is wellsfargo.com/activatecard not working?

If the URL is not working then there may be the following reasons behind this activation issue.
Your internet connection may not be stable
You may use a proxy or VPN
There may be a problem with the Activation website
Wells Fargo may block your IP address while card activation

Wells Fargo Credit Card Activation Customer Service

If you face issues while activation of your credit card, you can ask them by calling Wells Fargo. The support team will assist you with Wells Fargo Activate Card.

Wells Fargo activation number: 1-877-294-6933.